Organizer of Group 1: LLC “Fidesys”

Presentation of the universal strength analysis system CAE Fidesys 5.0. Overview of features. Demonstration of examples of industrial calculations in the full-featured CAE Fidesys strength analysis system, master classes on the cloud-based engineering analysis service for Prove.Design designers, consulting on the possibilities of using the system in production, communication with the company's experts on current topics.

Each participant will be granted access to Prove.Design cloud service. There will be organized training on solving engineering analysis problems using CAE Fidesys 5.0 and laboratory work on solving applied strength engineering problems in CAE Fidesys 5.0.

The organizer of Group 2: “ASCON” (Russian developer and integrator of engineering software)

Students of the group will learn about modern solutions for 3D modeling, engineering data management and product lifecycle, discuss current design techniques, create an electronic product model for production and IT support for product quality assurance.

The ASCON educational service is aimed at developing skills in the field of 3D design and collective work on the product. It includes seminars, an engineering quest, and express certification in COMPASS-3D and Vertical. Participants will get acquainted with the capabilities of current versions of ASCON products, learn about new developments of the company, gain experience in independent 3D design, and test their knowledge of the COMPASS-3D system.

The service will be of interest to design engineers, process engineers, automated control system specialists, CAD specialists, IT department employees, and quality department employees.

Requirements for program participants: engineering education.

The organizer of Group 3: Top Systems Ltd.

Participants will get acquainted with the domestic CAD T-FLEX CAD 17, its features, capabilities and learn to design in the system. They will also prepare a model for 3D printing and analyze it using VR technology.

The purpose is to familiarize participants with the software T-FLEX CAD 17, improve technical literacy in the design in CAD, teaching the process of preparing 3D models for 3D printing, analysis of 3D model at the design stage using VR-technology T-FLEX VR.

The program is designed for engineers, designers and young professionals interested in mastering parametric CAD T-FLEX CAD 17 and T-FLEX VR.

During the service, participants will demonstrate and use VR (virtual reality helmet) technology.


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