Aerospace faculty
The program includes the following courses: aeronautics, flight physics, aerodynamics, flight dynamics. These courses also provide the knowledge in related spheres (concept development, strength calculation, mathematical modelling and numerical simulation, physical experiment) and the opportunity to have a practice.

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The Faculty of Basic Management Skills
The Faculty is aimed at developing creative thinking skills and innovative problem-solving approaches based on TRIZ’s principles, developing the economic justification and the engineering solution assessment, etc.
The target audience is: design engineers; managers and employees of scientific research institutes, design engineering bureaus, design or technology services; research engineers, designers of new or modified equipment; students, etc.
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Aviation Faculty
The Faculty’s program is aimed at learning basic rules and principles of the aviation enterprise management to ameliorate its competitiveness. It forms the comprehension of the engineering economics and trains project management skills.

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Shipbuilding faculty
The Faculty’s program is dedicated to trends of shipbuilding development in Russia and abroad, as well as innovative problem-solving approaches in shipbuilding. Participants can share experience, improve their skills in the production system development and modern digital technologies in the shipbuilding.

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Faculty of Radio-electronics
The Faculty is dedicated to developing creative thinking skills and distributed innovative engineering problem-solving approaches in the radioelectronics sphere.
The target audience is: design engineers; managers and staff of scientific research institutes, design engineering bureaus, design or technology services; research engineers; students, etc., which are related to radioelectronics industry.
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The Faculty of Basic Engineering Science
The Faculty’s program is aimed at forming basic management skills: the ability to form problems and goals, to work in a team. The program is provided as a group training. The training is dedicated to the techniques improuving group interaction and teamwork. The training will teach how to balance theoretical and practical aspects and to make business communications effective.

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The Faculty of Electronics and Robotics
The Faculty is dedicated to developing creative thinking skills and gaining knowledge in electronics and digital technologies, using it in a development process, programming and production of digital computing devices.
The target audience is: employees dealing with a development process and programming of electronic devices; students.
The Faculty program is divided into theoretical and practical parts.
The theoretical part includes:
-    methods of embedded computer systems design based on microprocessors or programmable logic devices;
-    methods of video image processing and analysis in embedded systems;
-    schematic and circuit board design for digital devices;
-    software development for embedded systems.
The practical part consists of the robotics competition. Students will make an electronic robotics device and will solve a specific task.
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The Faculty of the Project Teams’ Development
You will know methods to solve engineering managerial problems. The program consists of educational, project and assessment parts. All these parts are aimed at developing hard and soft skills which can be useful in various spheres.
The target audience is: young employees (including aviation, automotive industries, military-industrial complex) who want to be in a candidate pool in future. The program is provided as a training containing online lectures, discussions, small-group tasks and a project work.
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VIIIth International Youth Industrial Forum “Engineers of the Future”
(official information)

The Russian Engineering Union pays special attention to the increasing of the role of young specialists in the industry development, as well as in the realization of the scientific and educational potential. Since 2011 the Union has been holding the annual International Youth Industrial Forum “Engineers of the Future” in order to involve the young generation into the innovative development of the machine-building industry. This endeavor enjoys support of the State Corporation “Rostec” and is attended by the major Russian enterprises as the United Aircraft Corporation, the United Shipbuilding Corporation, the State Corporation “Roscosmos”, JSC “Almaz-Antey” Air and Space Defence Corporation”, the United Engine Corporation and the Russian Helicopters Holding Company.
For the last eight years, more than 14 000 young specialists, scientists, students and postgraduate students have taken part in this event. Every year, young engineers from 400 industrial companies and 85 universities, from 60 regions of the Russian Federation participate in the Forum. The age of the participants is between 20 and 35.
The distinctive feature of the event is the wide international participation. Over all these years the Forum has been attended by the delegations from more than 40 countries. Foreign ambassadors and diplomatic missions take an active part and show huge interest in this event; foreign industry associations and organizations also deliver their presentations.
Every foreign participant has an opportunity to take active participation in all Forum programs and events of his/her interest as well as to make new partners and friends within the engineering community.
The Forum consists of educational, business and excursion programs, entertaining and sport events.

The educational part is formed by corporate universities and enterprises of the Russian industry. Among them there are the United Aircraft Corporation, JSC “Sukhoi Company”, the United Shipbuilding Corporation, the United Engine Corporation, the Russian Helicopters Holding Company, the International TRIZ Association, “KAMAZ”, “AvtoVAZ”, JSC “Technodinamika”, JSC “Roselectronics”; Russian leading technical universities – Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the South Ural State University, etc.

Speakers of the educational program are heads of the major Russian and foreign companies, top managers of their Russian representatives, outstanding scientists, Russian public figures, professors of the leading Russian and foreign technical universities, heads of federal and regional authorities and deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
The business program includes panel discussions and round tables with Russian and foreign business representatives. It contains the presentations of major Russian enterprises of the high-tech industry, the demonstration of cutting-edge technologies and the projects by young promising engineers, constructors, young scientists and students.
The discussion will touch upon the introduction of innovations and the industry modernization, problems of the modern technical education, as well as the opportunities of the educational exchange of young technicians, scientists and students.
The Forum also provides an opportunity to participate in international cooperation negotiations with heads of Russian federal and regional authorities and heads of major industrial enterprises.

Participants will enjoy a vivid excursion program – they can visit major regional industrial companies, places of interest, exhibitions and museums, admire the nature of the region.

In the evening, participants may have sport activities and competitions as well as the entertaining program. All these events are aimed at forming and building team spirit and gaining teamwork experience.
During the closing ceremony of the International Youth Industrial Forum “Engineers of the Future” the winners of the personal and corporative ratings will be rewarded. The rating scores are counted during the Forum.
The results of the Forum prove its importance and significance: activity of young specialists of the machine-building industry has increased, initiatives of talented engineers and constructors have been supported by heads of enterprises, a lot of innovative projects have been introduced into the industry. Young specialists showing good results have been included into expert councils of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
In 2019 the Forum will be held from the 2nd to the 13rd of July in the “Yantar” campsite, the Orenburg region, on the Ural River bank.
The Forum lasts for 12 days, participants live in a campsite.

- July 2, 3 – participants arrive;
- July 4 – opening of the Forum;
- July 5–10 – business and educational programs;
- July 11 – closing of the Forum;
- July 12, 13 – participants depart.

The Forum is organized by the Russian Engineering Union, the State Corporation “Rostec”, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Government of the Orenburg region, the League for the Assistance to Russian Defence Enterprises.
In 2019 participants, speakers and guests are expected to exceed 1500.

More than 200 speakers are going to take part in the educational program.
More than 150 guests, including heads of corporations and enterprises of the machine-building industry, cultural and political figures, are planning to participate in the business program. More than 130 round tables on various subjects in the technical sphere will be organized.