Aviation Faculty

Faculty organizers: JSC "Russian Helicopters", PJSC "UAC"(United Aircraft Corporation) , JSC "KRET"(Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies), JSC “UEC” (United Engine Corporation).

The study of approaches, methods and tools of system thinking that allow us to detect patterns and trends in the development of the system on the basis of the laws of logic and dialectics.

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Shipbuilding Faculty

Faculty organizer: JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation".

The program of the faculty is aimed at familiarizing students with the trends of global shipbuilding and the prospects for the development of domestic shipbuilding, as well as at mastering modern innovative approaches to solving engineering problems in the field of shipbuilding. Participants of the faculty will be provided with conditions for the exchange of professional experience, as well as practical and group work to consolidate the skills of the development of the production system and modern digital technologies in shipbuilding.

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Aerospace Faculty

Faculty organizers: Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) named after N.E. Zhukovsky, FSUE “CIAM” (Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after P. Baranov).

The program includes special courses in external aerodynamics and propulsion aerodynamics, with associated knowledge in related fields (conceptual design, aerodynamics, dynamics, strength calculations, mathematical and numerical modeling, physical experimentation) with the opportunity to directly apply this knowledge in practice.

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Faculty of Radio Electronics

Faculty organizer: Holding Company "Russian Electronics".

The educational program of the faculty includes master classes, lectures and trainings. The interactive part is focused on mastering modern innovative approaches to solving engineering problems in the field of radio electronics, as well as managing the innovation cycle within the framework of the company's activities, from the idea of creating an innovative product to managing sales in the open market.

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Faculty for Development of Project Teams

Faculty organizers: JSC United Engine Corporation, The Rostec Academy

The program is based on the technology of preparation and development of project-oriented teams.

The program includes a training block, project work, and evaluation block. All blocks are aimed at the development of professional (hard) and flexible (soft) skills, which will help to be successful regardless of the field of activity.

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Faculty of Mechatronics and Robotics

Faculty organizer: JSC "Ramenskoye Instrument-Making Design Bureau".

The work of the faculty is focused on the development of creative thinking and obtaining students ' knowledge in the field of electronics and digital technologies and their application in the development, programming and production of digital computing devices.

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Automotive Faculty

Faculty organizer: JSC “AVTOVAZ”.

The faculty of JSC "AVTOVAZ" consists of two large modules: "Management School" and "Specialized trainings".

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Faculty of Modern Industrial Technologies and TRIZ (Theory of inventive problem solving)

Faculty organizers: JSC “Transmashholding” (TMH - leader in developing and manufacturing rail machinery in Russia), PJSC “ROSSETI” (one of the largest power-grid companies in the world), M.I. Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI), Saint-Petersburg representative office of the Russian Engineering Union with the World-class scientific and Educational Center "Engineering of the Future".

Modern technologies are developing with great speed: business processes are being transformed, digital culture is developing, a single information space is being created, services for external and internal customers are being introduced.

Solutions based on artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 technologies, alternative energy sources – what was not technically possible until recently, is becoming part of our reality.

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Faculty of Digital Design Tools

Organizer of Group 1: LLC “Fidesys”

The organizer of Group 2: “ASCON” (Russian developer and integrator of engineering software)

The organizer of Group 3: Top Systems Ltd.

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Faculty of International Cooperation

Faculty organizer: Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) named after N.E. Zhukovsky. Training is conducted in English.

The program covers features of intercultural communication, principles of working on joint projects, and the most significant global issues such as transportation of the future, environmental and alternative energy issues in relation to transportation, the concept of "seamless" transportation, and urban aeromobility. The program includes special courses on the preparation of presentations and projects, with the opportunity to directly apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

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About the International Youth Industrial Forum "Engineers of the Future"

Russian Engineering Union pays special attention to enhancing the role of young specialists in the development of industry, using scientific and educational potential in order to systematically involve young people in the processes of innovative development of the machine-building complex. To achieve this goal, Russian Engineering Union, with the support of Rostec, as well as with the active participation of representatives of large holdings and companies, leaders of the industrial sector of the Russian economy, since 2011 has been holding the annual International Youth Industrial Forum "Engineers of the Future".

The Forum is included in the list of activities of Rosmolodezh in accordance with the order of the President of Russian Federation following the meeting of the Board of Russian Engineering Union and the Association "League for Assistance to Defense Enterprises" dated 14.07.2017 No. Pr-1344 (item 3).

The main target audience of the Forum are the heads of structural divisions of industrial companies, young specialists, students and postgraduates of technical universities, representatives of youth public organizations. The age of participants is 20-35 years. About 1,500 young representatives of global engineering community are gathering to develop and jointly implement projects and programs aimed at the development of mechanical engineering and related industries.

Since 2011, more than 15,000 young professionals from Russia, the CIS countries and from abroad have participated in it.

Every year, the International Youth Industrial Forum "Engineers of the Future" was attended by young engineers and researchers from more than 400 industrial companies, as well as students and post-graduates of 85 universities from 70 regions of the Russian Federation.

In 2020, due to coronavirus pandemic, Russian Engineering Union held the IX International Youth Industrial Forum "Engineers of the Future-2020" in online format. The Forum was attended by 1,621 persons from 57 regions, inclusive young engineers and scientists from 333 machine-building companies of Russia. Delegates from 63 countries participated in the Forum.

The online educational program was based on 9 educational platforms, comprising 12 tracks, subdivided on 32 training courses.

A special feature of each Forum is the broad international participation. Since 2011, more than 100 delegations from 63 countries visited the Forum, inclusive diplomatic missions, ambassadors, industrial associations and companies from various countries.

Each foreign guest is given the opportunity to actively participate in all the programs and events of the Forum, depending on the personal preferences. It helps to maintain the high quality of business and educational programs, to establish new business and friendly relations with the international engineering community.