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14 сентября 2015 года
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For international participants - Program

Activities of the Fourth International youth forum «the Engineers of the future 2014» will be held in a picturesque place on the shore of the Pavlovskoe Reservoir. 

It is located in the Ural region, on the place where Europe meets Asia.

The Pavlovskoe Reservoir is a source of water for municipalities and utilities. The Reservoir is also a natural setting for recreational activities and outdoor pursuits. It is a popular recreation area in the Russian Federation. Nestled in the grassy hills of the Urals near the reservoir, Sport and Recreation Center «Zvjozdnyj» is a great place to get away and enjoy the great outdoors. Many recreational activities can be enjoyed in the area, from boating, fishing and swimming, to camping, hiking, windsurfing and mountain biking. You can enjoy the swim beach, nature trails, fresh air, playground and beautiful scenery there.   

from 28 to 29 of June - Arrival of the Participants
on June 30 - Official Opening
from 1 to 6 of July - Working days
 on July 7- Official Closing
from 8 to 9 of July - Departure of the Participants

The Urals attracts its grandeur and beauty. Unforgettable impressions of the Pavlovskoe Reservoir: the days spent here, Ural sunrises and sunsets.

International participants of the Forum will be able to plunge into the historical and the natural environment protected places of the Pavlovskoe Reservoir, to feel its special atmosphere.

For the international participants of the Forum an extensive and fascinating program will be provided:



Business program includes  panel discussions and trainings on various topical issues, for example:




«Peculiarities of the technical education in Russia and other countries of the world»






Problems of labour migration of the engineering personnel on a global scale»






«Innovations at the enterprises of mechanical engineering in different countries of the world»





In the framework of the cultural program of the foreign participants will be able to visit the monuments of history and culture:


Boating station                                               The Rocks of the Pavlovskoe Reservoir         Motor ship journey


Mountain stroll                                                       Bicycle stroll          Sport and Recreation Center «Zvjozdnyj» 

Ufa is an administrative centre of The Republic of Bashkortostan (a federal subject of Russia), a large industrial and cultural city of the Ural region.


In the framework of the sports program of the foreign participants, together with the participants from Russia will be able to contend in the following sports:


Football                                                               Volleyball                                      Rock climbing


Water skiing                                                           Jet skiing


Windsurfing                                                        Stripe of obstacles

Deadline for the registration at http://www.enfuture.ru/ (for International participants) is June 10, 2014, and participants will obtain formal invitations no later than June 5, 2014. We remind prospective participants that visa may be required for your visit in Russia, and though Russian Engineering Union will support visa applications with the Russian authorities (these activities are already institutionalized), early application is recommended.

The forum «the Engineers of the future» it is an atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness, songs by the fire and the Ural romance.

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