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14 сентября 2015 года
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For international participants - About the Forum

International Youth Industrial Forum

"Engineers of the Future"

 Общий фон

Russian Mechanical Engineering Union pays particular attention to raising the profile of the young specialists in industry, to the use of scientific and educational potential in order to engage the youth in the processes of innovative mechanical engineering development systematically. To achieve this goal in 2011, it was decided to create a unique platform that consolidates the engineering community in Russia, promoting professional and personal development of young specialists.

In July 2011, on the shore of Lake Baikal, Russian Mechanical Engineering Union, with support of  the  State Corporation “Russian Technologies”, the Public Chamber and the Public Council under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation organized the first International Youth Industrial Forum “Engineers of the future 2011”.

The forum brought together more than 1 400 young specialists, academics and students from 291 industrial companies and 52 universities who represented 56 regions of the Russian Federation, as well as participants from 32 foreign countries. Most numerous foreign delegations came from the following countries: China, Brazil, India, Italy, Germany, France, Slovakia, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Spain, Holland, Ireland, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Venezuela.

In 2012 and 2013, the Forum was attended by about 2000 Russian specialists, scientists, and students. These were 355 industrial companies, more than 60 leading technical universities of the country.

The outcome of the Forum was the creation of an international community “Engineers of the Future”, which purpose is knowledge exchange and consolidation of young specialists and representatives of higher education institutions to solve the problems associated with the enterprise industry development. Young specialists who had proven themselves within the Forum were included into the advisory council of the State Duma Committee on Industry in the following areas: development of defense industry, aerospace industry, development of engineering and technological base of the machine tool.


In 2014, the International Youth Industrial Forum "Engineers of the Future" will be organized in Republic of Bashkortostan on the shores of Pavlovskoe Reservoir, in Sport and Recreation Center «Zvjozdnyj» from June 28- July 9, 2014.This place brings together for 10 days more than 2,000 representatives of industrial sector from Russia and abroad for elaboration and realization of joint projects and programs aimed at the development of mechanical engineering and related industries.

The Forum is held at the height of the summer season – in the beginning of  July – at this time of the year in the vicinity of Pavlovskoe Reservoir the most favorable climate is set, that makes it possible to arrange outdoor activities.


The Forum venue has a well-developed infrastructure: in the territory there are composting and chemical toilets, showers, laundry facilities, spacious dining room, more than 30 educational classrooms with capacity of 40 to 100 people, the center of the Emergency Prevention, the duty police station, traffic police station, fire and Emergency Medicine center, catering and retailers. For the Forum participants a wireless Internet access and computer lab are provided. In the nearby village there are shops where you can find basic consumer goods, cafes and hotels.


The camp is divided in delegations of 30-40 people. All participants are provided with modern tents, sleeping bags and a set of souvenirs, including a pillow, a backpack, a jacket and two shirts.


The Forum schedule suggests a highly topical business program, excursions, as well as varied entertainment and sports activities.


Business program includes a variety of panel discussions, debates and presentations of enterprises and innovative projects of young engineers, as well as meetings with high-ranking guests of the Forum. Annually the heads and top managers of major industrial enterprises and public corporations, representatives of federal and regional authorities, outstanding Russian and international engineers and designers come to the Forum.

For the participants a fascinating tour program is elaborated: they will have an exceptional opportunity to plunge into the unique Ural nature and the surrounding area, to learn about the culture of the indigenous population, as well as to visit the attractions of a regional central city – Ufa.


Recreational activities and sports competitions occupy evening hours.

At the Forum area there is a climbing wall - an artificially constructed wall with grips for hands and feet that imitates the relief of the rock. Experienced instructors teach young people the basics of mountaineering and climbing.

Another extreme fun for the participants is windsurfing. It is a sport involving travel over water on a small 2-4.7 meter board powered by wind acting on a single sail that is connected to the board via a flexible joint. Learning the basics of windsurfing in the proper conditions and with the proper equipment is relatively easy. It is a vibrant and exciting physical activity, full of adrenaline and new emotions.


For the participants of the Forum planned cycling routes under the guidance of experienced instructors are organized, competitions in football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, chess and others are held daily.


Entertaining program is a special part of the Forum. Activities are focused on the formation and development of a team spirit and skills of teamwork.
There are many talented people among young engineers who come to the Forum. To show their talents they can participate in an annual contest "Minute of Fame".
For the participants with an infinite passion for invention a technical competition "I am an Engineer" is organized.  It is required to construct an experimental model using only wits and technical imagination.


Girls - Forum participants can compete for the title of "The Forum Beauty", which is awarded by vote of the jury board.


Every day young people can take part in a great number of sport competitions and workshops in DJing, beatboxing and photo.  Everyone can find an activity for himself to spend time with pleasure and learn something new. In the evening time discos in the open air with famous DJs are organized.


Foreign participants and foreign delegations are free to join the Forum for any period within the framework of the event. Their programs will be defined and adjusted in accordance with the period of their stay. During the Forum all the participants will be provided with free accommodation, meals (four times a day), medical service, transportation, extensive excursion program as well as meeting and seeing off at the airport. To high rank participants (top managers, directors etc.) individual program, based on personal preferences, will be offered

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